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Worried about my daughter


My daughter is 2 year old and i am worried about her, a few days ago i saw a white hair of a mans head on her private part, in her diaper, but i ignored it, thinking it could have been a coincidence, but yesterday i saw it again, i have a son too who is 4 year old now but this thing never happened to him until now, only person in our house with white hair is my father in law, but he loves my daughter too much, i am too much worried that i don’t know what to do, i have never changed her diaper in front of anyone, i always change her diaper in my own room, i don’t know whats the situation, i am too much worried, why that hair is on her private part, i dont want to doubt anyone but the thing is i can’t even ignore it, as it is my daughter matter, my father in law has separated from his wife 7 year ago, please tell me some solution through i can know what is the reality, because I can’t ignore this thing. please help me.


Wa alaykum salam

Thank you for your Question.

Dear sister,
my suggestion is that don’t doubt anyone but at the same time be careful not to leave your daughter alone with any man even if he is a close relative.

Just seeing a hair would not imply any assault on your child. InshaAllah all Goes well and nothing is wrong.
May Allah protect us and our children.

Set aside some charity and be vigilant at the same time.

Kind regards
AAA team under the guidance of Sr.Taqawi