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worried about marriage proposal


I love a girl and my parents are also agree with me and her mother is also agree her father is died, but her mother is afraid of her husband brothers of giving rishta to us , please tell me wazifa or some way to solve this problem, beacuse her father brothers always fight with them on her irshta . … please help me


Assalamu alaykum

Thank you for your question,

InshaAllah all goes well with your proposal and that you are happily married away.

my suggestion will be to recite the following dua. It is Directed by Imam Sajjad (s) to recite this dua in worrisome task:

also, id like to bring to your kind attention that having any relation with a non Mahram is haram and Allah does not recognize this relation. hence, I’d suggest you do plenty of Istighfar. Istighfar is said to rectify things, bring alot of blessings and Rizq. 

lastly, it is wise to pray for the best outcome. Allah is our creator and He is very wise. We should always pray that He does the best for us, for He has knowledge of that which we don’t.

hope this was useful.