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Is it permissible for Women to Do Umara wearing face mask due to Covid 19


Aoa.  I am living in Saudi Arabia. I have to come back in next two months to Pakistan.  But before coming back I want to perform umara.  But some people is saying that as during umara women is allowed to cover head and not face. So umara is not possible for women  in these days of pandemic because security their not allow to take off mask. But this issue is with every one plz confirm this. Can I perform umara as these days mask is important to wear by every one. Kindly explain it and please do reply


Salam alaykum sister

According to the office of A. Sistani in Qum, if because of the situation caused by corona a woman must wear the mask it is all right. There is no problem in it. I hope that helps

Shiraz Agha