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Nikah with fake witness


Dear Sir, I need to ask a question. I performed my nikkah with a girl in which her parents and family was present. From my side my mother was present. I took my boss as my fake uncle and my friend as my fake brother. Both of them were witness from my side. My friend represented himself as my brother and used my real brothers i.d card copy and fake signatures. I heard that if i represented some fake person as my brother and actual brother didnt even know about that its invalid nikkah. Please suggest should i go for new nikkah or this one is valid. Thanks


Alaykum Salaam

In the Shia madhab witnesses to Nikah are not necessary in any case so Nikah is valid. In Sunni madhabs 2 trustworthy witnesses are necessary. In the circumstances you describe, the nikah is valid even in Sunni madhab.

Abbas Jaffer