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Will we be Husband and wife in Jannah ?



I was married and was not happy so me and my husband divorced on our mutual consent we were divorced for about 2 months and I was going to remarry some one else we had nikkah intentions but unfortunately My husband to be died in a car crash whilst on his way to pick me up from the Airport .
My question is in jannah can we be husband and wife Inshahallah as we had intension of nikkah .
Also my first husband want to reconsilate (do nikkah again) unfortunately I have no choice as the person I wanted to marry is no more can you please guide me as I really pray to Allah suban atallah that we meet in jannah as our wishes that were left unfulfilled in this world may the be forfilled in jannah Ameen


Waalaykum al-Salam Sister.
I am sorry to hear of the demise of your husband-to-be. May Allah forgive his shortcomings and bless him.

Allah says in Sura Yaseen: 56
مْ وَأَزْوَاجُهُمْ فِي ظِلَالٍ عَلَى الْأَرَائِكِ مُتَّكِئُونَ

Meaning: they and their mates, reclining on couches in the shades

It clearly says that we all are going to be with our mates. and since it is in Jannah. It will be definitely something that we will be completely satisfied with. Because in Jannah, every soul will be fully satiated and happy.

And Allah knows best. What’s in our favour though is that we can always pray for whatever we want.