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Will this be considered as kufr?


I made kufr statements intentionally in my mind which I did not belief in and made statements of blasphemy against Allah inwardly and outwardly with no faith in it and I suspected my nafs might believed some kufr but I rejected it and I admitted to my lord that I committed apostasy and become convinced of this and repented and changed my mind later and stuck to the opinion that I never left Islam please advice


Al-Salam Alaykum

Such a thoughts that comes to mind with no believe and intention is not a sin. In religious sources is called Ilqaat Sheytani(القائات شیطانی). Quran ordered us to do some Tasbihat and Dekr.

It is not a sin but if it comes from some question or doubt, you must find an answer to it.

you must read a lot to answer all your questions and doubts.

Best regards!

Sayyid Madani