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I read Qur’an but i still have issues in my life and Marriage


I have done sins no one can think of so I have been cursed by many people. I forgot most of them and then remembered them some months before my marriage. I have been married for 8 months. I don’t know how to do any work.  My parents and siblings are alive. I can’t tell them exactly what my sins are. My husband once said that he is thinking of a divorce. Everyone is extremely depressed. I never read Quran but since 1 or 2 months I am reading it but I see no cure. Please help. What should I do?


Waalaykum Salaam.

Thank you for your Question.

To relieve yourself of the worry that you may have hurt someone in the past, i’d suggest you ask for forgiveness from them. And if this is not possible for now, praying for them also immensely helps. you must also do a lot of Istighfar. Istighfar apart from asking for forgiveness for your dis-obedience towards Allah (az), it will also pull blessings towards yourself.

As for your Marriage, you must seek some counselling. This will help you eliminate your problem and you will be able to focus on other issues.

Qur’an is a book of Guidance. We are to read it and learn from it. learning will mean to put the learning into action. Hence, by merely reading the Qur’an you may get some rewards but you may not be benefiting the way its meant to benefit you. I will highly recommend you read the Qur’an with understanding and seek help when you don’t understand a particular Ayah.

you may Want to recite the following Dua for your worries:

best wishes,