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If someone is paying for your Umrah, is it legal ?


Assalamualaiakum I am working in a position where i have pass bills received from suppliers so that they can be paid. One of the suppliers whose bill was on my table, i passed after thorough investigation and procedures ensuring that there is no weakness or deficiency left in the bill. During my discussions with the said supplier i just told him that i have a wish of Umrah, without having any intention of getting any type of favour from him. He is a religious person and himself done many umrah and hajj for himself and also have sent his employees to Umrah and hajj from his own pocket. So when the bill approving process was done by me , after 2-3 days he contacted me and asked me to send my passport to him whenever i want to do Umrah. He will process everything for me. Now i want to know whether this is Legal and my Umrah will be accepted or not . As i i have an opportunity and if everything is legal i want to avail this opportunity. Thanks in advance for your valuable time and suggestion.


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your question.
It is legal because, as you mentioned, you did your job as it was meant to and did not expect this as a favour returned or so.
It’s a gift and you must make use of it InshaAllah.
Kind regards
Naajiya Jaffery