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Will my marriage be valid if my parents who are Christians do not give consent to my nikkha


I’m a newly revert but my parents are still Christians , I know that in the position that I am in now and because of their firm belief in Christianity. I cannot convince them of Islam right now. Me and my boyfriend would like to get nikkahed as soon as possible as we both do not wish to continue a haram relationship or commit zina. We have planned to get nikkahed and keep it a secret from my parents until we’re both financially stable and then try to convince them. We want to get married for the sake of Allah but am not sure whether our marriage will be valid without my parents consent. They will not agree to this relationship that much is clear. Please do get in touch. May Allah bless you for your knowledge and kindness .


Waalykum salam.
Thank you for your Question

Welcome to Islam sister. May Allah bring allot of barakah your way.

According to Islamic laws, a Muslim girl (virgin) cannot get married without the consent of her father or paternal grandfather. If a Nikah is recited, it will be void.

Your best bet is to either keep away until you are ready to marry or speak to your parents and get your Nikah recited to become Mahram
Besides this, you may want to approach an influential person (who your parents will listen to) to speak to them and convince them InshaAllah.

InshaAllah all goes well
On a Side note, it will be a shame to end your blessing (the man who guided you) to a Haram and unpleasant experience.

Allah Karim
Make plenty of dua