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Khums & Halaal Sustenance


Salam alakum (taqlid of sistani)

I hope you are doing well.

I had a detailed question about khums. I am a student and just finished up university and looking for a job. I am dependent on my dad and he gives me money to store in my bank account. I also have limited work for his company and gives me a lump some salary monthly. My dad tells he pays his khums and takes care of it, but it doesn’t seem that he follows rules in depth since he doesn’t take receipt from marjas office and follow up small details. I would want him to be more careful with this but he doesn’t seem to understand.

I also have a student loan for my education and the interest will start charging soon, but I made the intention that I am just taking the loan and don’t intend to pay the interest unless I am forced to etc (i think this is accepted in fiqh terms isteknaz? or something like that?)

So what do I need to pay khums on? I opened my bank account when i was 18 and my dad put in $200. Hypothetically I am asking: if for example at the end of that year I had

1) 250$ in account at end of year and had the loan outstanding of $9,000. Would khums be needed for that year?

2) I had 150 in account at end of year and had loan outstanding of $9,000. Would khums be needed for that year?

So basically since the only khums would be on my savings all I need to do is compare my starting bank account value at the year and compare it to the bank account value at end of year?

How do I calculate my student loans? They don’t require a monthly payment but they encourage me to do that. Is there anyway I can make intention that whatever money my dad gives me now or provides for me is just a gift so I can avoid god forbid avoid any rizk haram issues. Because I am now 22 and I don’t think he is obliged to care for me? Also I cant remember any unused things for one year or haram things i bought from ages 15-20. How do I deal with this?

Also, if a real estate agent sells a house and makes $50,000 but he shook a womans hand by accident. Is the whole $50,000 haram? How do you calculate how much khums is needed to be paid for this haraam rizq?

Please help me sort this out. I dont want my nimaz, azadari, and act of worship to have any issues.

thank for your help I really appreciate this


In the Name of the Beloved

Salamun Alaykum

​Regarding the money left at the end of the year, yes khums would be liable on it despite the outstanding loan, UNLESS you decide to pay installments of your loan from the money left over at the end of the year. ​

Regarding the expenses you received from your father from 15-20 years of age it was his responsibility to pay for the khums as long as you are living under his roof and he is paying for your everyday expenses and living and if does not pay the khums or pays for your expenses from that un-khums paid money you do not have a responsibility.

As for the question about the selling of the house, while the act of shaking hands with a woman may be haram *when done deliberately*, it does not effect the selling of the house itself and that transaction or the money earned from that is not haram.