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Will it be a Sin if I Divorce my husband who love someone else


I am married since seven month and found my husband love someone else.He is maintaining responsibility as a husband but could not love me.That girl felt his feelings for him on our weeding day and my husband become upset .That girlis is in pain now .None of us is happy here.i love my husband and I I am chasing for his love but still could not find.He could not say me go due to the commitment of marriage moreover where I will go. He has a sympathy for me but not love.I tried a lot but could not make him fall for me.That girl also not moving in her life.She is in pain too. Please give me suggestion what should I do? Will it be sin if I ask for divorce? Will it be sin if I reunite together?


Alaykum Salaam

Please try to be patient and work hard on the relationship. Divorce is not the answer in this situation.

If you do your part and rely on Allah, He will Inshallah help you through these early days.

With duas

Abbas Jaffer.