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Will I be married to the girl I love in the afterlife?


Aoa dear aalim
I have a situation in life where my family and the family of girl I love aren’t willing to get us married due to different sect. We both agree to give up on the marriage for sake of parents but on the surity that we will be able to meet in afterlife, the life that is permanent. What do we have to do for it? Marry for some period secretly and then getting seperated and she getting married to person her parents want her to marry. Would make us be together in afterlife?
I am a guy from predominantly sunni sect, but in my opinion I follow Islam rather than any sect, I even follow shia teaching in places I like and attend majlis.


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your question

The fact that you didn’t break your parents heart is a huge plus on your side.

Rest assured, that whatever you get in this life and the next will definitely be very sweet and loving Because you have pleased your parents and in return, InshaAllah Allah will please you.

At times we are quiet adamant on our choices but Allah has better and greater plans. What if this is one of His plans that He wants to bless you with a better half than the one you have chosen for yourself ?!?

On the other hand, what if Allah really wants you to have a hard core look at your belief and hers and in reality wants you to have a closer look at Islam?!?

And a further third option can be, what if Allah really blesses you her in the hereafter…

In all the three cases above, we can only stay at the spot Of assumptions and that’s it!

Hence, in my humble opinion, it’s best for pray for the best and work on all the assumptions genuinely:

1- pray for guidance and be pious. Having a relation with a non Mahram is haram. Try and speak to your parents and local Alim and seek further help into sending a proposal in a correct way.

2- read on both sects. See what’s the major difference and what sits well with your heart and mind. Seek further assistance and clarification from both Sunni and Shia Alims. After all, it’s not just about yourselves, rather, about your children to come as well. What sect will they follow and what community will they belong to? Will that decision bring a rift between the two of you?!? These things are better solved in the very beginning than a disastrous ending.

3- we will never be able to tell about this in this world

Hence, a wise and best option will be to pray to Allah for the best to happen to both of you and that He should help you make your decisions wisely

Hopefully all goes well