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Will I be forgiven


I am a 24yr old Muslim woman, unmarried. I am about to marry a guy but he insists on meeting me and when we meet at his place (due to Quarantine) he always touches me inappropriately forcefully, I say no, I don’t want to upset Allah because it’s close to Zina but he won’t listen and I can’t tell my family about it, will Allah forgive me?because I feel like i have no power to stop him and he does it without my permission saying he is going to marry me and he has rights over me.


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

From your writing I understand that you are not Mahram yet? As in your Nikah is not recited yet!?

If that’s the case, then yes it’s haram for him to touch you.
It’s not Zina but it’s a Haram act. You may want to ask Allah to help you and keep this thing away until you’re happily married away InshaAllah. One of the most practical way would be to keep away, and not visit him. Or have him visit you at yours with family around to make it more safe.

If not, and your Nikah has already been recited, then it’s ok for a husband to approach his wife in this manner and it’s all Halal.

Kind regards,
Naajiya Jaffery