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Will he be responsible for the deaths due to haram instructions given by him.


Unfortunately, in the past, on the internet, he has been in haram sexual conversations and activities with people. Also participated in some sexual games (sexting) with these people. Forgive me, for example, he told them and instructed them what to do with their bodies and private parts. He became very ashamed and repented and sought forgiveness, but there is still ONE thing that bothers him:

Last few months he has been terrified and worried by these thoughts: “What if I caused people to harm themselves when I gave them such instructions and directions?” “What if the instructions I gave to them caused their deaths, or maybe gave them heart attacks or put them in accidents?” The reason for these thoughts came to him is because the people he did these activities with had their connections cut off, after a while they stopped talking and never wrote back. So he started to suspect they got heart attacks or gone into accidents. What he wants to know is THIS:

If someone died while doing such chats/activities or got into an accident or heart attack, will he be responsible for it? Like would he be responsible for the death of these people if they died while they did these haram activities and he instructed them to do things on their bodies? And does he need to fast for two months for this and pay blood money? Note that he can’t find these people or their relatives and dont know if they are alive or not. Nor does he know if they were believers or not. He is terribly depressed by this and thinks he is doomed.


Al-Salam Alaykum
Thank you for your question.

Ordering someone to harm themselves or provoking them to do so is Haram but their blood money is not Wajib for the one who just ordered. However, if they are children who can not understand what they are doing to themselves, the blood money is on the one ordering them.

If he helped them to harm themselves he has to pay as much as he harmed.

However, it needs a serious repent to Allah but no one is doomed unless he does not repent! despair of Allah’s forgiveness is the worst sin.

best regards
Sayyid Madani