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will Hajj be valid in case of dispute with relatives


Asalaamualaikum, alhamdullilah me and my husband have booked hajj this year but a brother in law and sister in law who we had a dispute with are saying they will not forgive me and my husband. We had an argument with them at that time they were in fault too but we have forgiven them but they are not forgiving. My question is will my husbands and my hajj be allowed if we ask them to reconcile and we forgive them but they don’t?



Thank you for your question. If your dispute involved taking any of their rights you must try and pay them back. The next step is to attempt to reach a compromise with them. If they are adamant that they will not forgive you under any circumstance, you can give some charity on their behalf and ask Allah to help them find their forgiveness for you. Your hajj is still valid even if they don’t forgive you and if you have exhausted all means then their stubbornness should not hinder your positivity about your journey.

May you always be successful.

Zoheir Ali.