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Repeated Apostasy



Surah Nisa verse 137 and Surah Imran verse 90 are verses which says: repeated apostasy is not forgiven. If this is true then why do many scholars say that repeated apostasy is forgiven by ALLAH ? I never thought that there are unforgivable sins in Islam. Since birth I am hearing that all sins are forgiven but when I searched I found out that murder has no repentance and the one who commits shirk 2 times has no repentance. I committed blasphemy of god many times. But I was unaware and I didn’t know that these sins have no repentance. Will ALLAH forgive me?


Waalaykum Salam

The issue of apostasy is a complicated one and the cases are to be individually treated by a judge. In brief, there is no repentance from a person who is born in the faith and who then becomes a confirmed apostate.
As for one who converts from another religion and then turns away from Islam and later repents his repentance is accepted.

But in your case, since you didn’t know and are regretting it, your repentance is definitely accepted. Do not make such grave and baseless decision when you are upset and or mad. That stops you from thinking correctly and you end up saying such things.

Kind regards,

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