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Will Allah punish me if I dont marry the girl with whom I had an online relationship just for timepass when I was not a practising Muslim?



Sir, I was having a relationship with a girl for timepass,  On the phone, we used to see each other’s private parts etc on phone but in reality, I never have touched her even her hand, I used to say her that we will marry, it was just a lie that I used to tell her so that I can enjoy, I had forgotten the fear of Allah and was not even a practising Muslim that time but thanks to Almighty he placed his test on me, that changed my life… I made a tauba and started a new life. I was not offering salah etc, but not for the last 1 and a half years I pray 5 times. I also ended this haram relationship from the day I made a tauba and started praying…
But Sir Now the girl is texting me again to which I’m not replying. She used to tell me that she will ask me for the answer in akhirah in front of Allah as to why I used to lie to her that i will marry her. You used me… She used to love me a lot but for me, it was a time pass. Fearing Almighty I might marry her, but I do not like her and I am not comfortable with her if I marry her I think our marriage won’t work and again I will ruin her life.

Now, sir, I am fearing Almighty will punish me, Why you made a false promise, at that time I was not a good Muslim, I was a Muslim just by name and by my acts I was above the Shaitan.

Her words got stuck in my mind, that you are showing off that Allah has shown you the right path/way. If that were true then you might have turned that haram relationship to halal..

Sir Please suggest to me what to do will Allah punish me if I don’t marry her…
Will my all ibadat and namaz get wasted if I don’t marry her?


Wa alaykum salam

Thank you for your question.

It’s really good to know that you have realized your mistakes and have decided to change to being a practising Muslim.

Allah had told us not to sin because they have a bad effect on our lives. The effects of some sins disappear when we do tawba. But for some sins, it may take some time for the effects to disappear. Your relationship with the girl comes in this category.

It’ll take some time for both of you to get out of its effects.  But by doing istighfar and seeking help from Allah, you will overcome it.

I don’t think marrying that girl is wise because marriages are not done to correct past mistakes.  A mistake is not rectified by another mistake.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment, compatibility and love are very important to make it successful.

I suggest that one last time, you talk to the girl and explain to her the situation very logically. Say sorry to her and tell her that this decision is better for both of you and InshaAllah, she will get a better person in her life. This will be painful for her but she will overcome it.

If you want Allah to forgive you, make sure you don’t repeat your mistakes, do istighfar and pray for the happiness of the girl.

May Allah help you in your difficult times.

Sukaina Taqavi