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Will allah forgive me if i did shirk?


Basically theres this website called peter answers like a spiritual site you ask a question about anything it will answer it for you but before it does theres this picture on the site and it asks you to believe in it first i said yes i do believe in you couple of times then it will answer the question i wanted to know did i do shirk becuase i didnt worship the photo or anything i only said to it i believe in it thats it someone said it is shirk and wont be forgiven im really worried i do believe in allah i say the kalimah all the time then someone else said if you repent allah will forgive you and if you die upon shirk then you will go hell can someone let me know if i did shirk or not and will allah forgive me really worried. thank you


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question.

shirk is if you believe and turns to other than ALLAH for help and protection .
There is no shirk in your case and you have nothing to fear..
However, We find it wise to remind that when you have a complete religion that covers all dimensions of your existence than why would you see something under that? Besides that fact, we also have numerous scholars who are ready to help and answer Questions and concerns.
God forbid, what if one day, it so happened that peter answered a question to your liking and you got an inclination to his belief!!? Then!??

Prevention is better than cure.

May Allah keep you safe and Successful
Kind regards
AAA team