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Will Allah forgive me


Salam .
I’m very confused I pray my daily 5 times prayers and even tahhajud. And I’m very proud of myself when I learn some dua or prayers from the Quran . Now I made a mistake and I sinned . It wasn’t something very big but u was wrong . I paid the price for it and repented, but the guilt is still killing me . I feel Allah will never forgive me and my prayers r useless . I’m a bad human and no amount of forgiveness and make Allah forgive me and make me a better person.
I cried a lot plz help me . What should I do ?


Assalamu Alaykum.
Thank you for your message

Kindly refer to the link below: Repentance

Also there is nothing greater than Allah’s mercy. Therefore, do not loose hope. Allah is all merciful and extra merciful. Repent with the above mentioned conditions

I will suggest you don’t miss any prayers, because “prayers keeps one from evil and wrong” (surah Ankabut:45)

Kind regards,
N.S. Jaffery