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Wig Instead of the Veil (Hijab) ?


It is mandatory for the Muslim woman who has reached religious puberty (9 lunar years) to cover her body and her hair in front of men (na-mahram), can she cover her hair only with a wig and not wear the veil, especially in those places where she cannot wear the veil like at school ?

Question 1 : the female believers – specially female students in France and in areas influenced by it, after having been pressured by the government to take off their veil, ask : is it possible to wear the wig ?

Question 2 : is it allowed to wear a wig if the girl cannot wear the veil at school or at work ?

Question 3 : there are two questions/answers on the official website of S.Sistani saying that it is not sufficient to wear the wig instead of the veil covering natural hair, and that you have to cover the wig too. However some believers that have visited Najaf al Ashraf assert reporting verbally from the office of S.Sistani that his jurisprudential opinion is that it is allowed and sufficient to wear the wig.The question is so: has the jurisprudential opinion of S.Sistani evolved on this matter? This meaning that the non-authorization and insufficiency has changed to the authorization and sufficiency of wearing the wig or does his view on this matter stay the same as written on his official website? We hope to have an explanation on this question.


Answer 1 : The wig – in general – is considered as an embellishment that has to be covered by the woman in front of a stranger (na-mahram). Taking this into account, the obligatory veil is not respected by wearing it (the wig).

If the woman is compelled into uncovering her hair or wearing a wig, so, by obligatory precaution, she has to take up the second choice and make sure that the wig worn is as far as possible from the embellishment.

Allah is the All-knowing


Answer 2 : It is mandatory for her to cover it (the wig) as it is an embellishment.

Answer 3 : It is not allowed to the girl that has reached religious puberty not to veil her head in front of stranger men (na-mahram) for the simple reason that acquisition of school or university education depends on it.

However, if it is estimated that the acquisition of a certain school level as primary school is an indubitable necessity, as if she is lacking in it (the education), she would undergo a big loss [1] or would have to endure an unbearable embarrassment (usually), so it is permissible for her to cover her hair at school with a wig.

She will have to be careful that it (the wig) be the farthest from the ornament of use and being careful as well that her neck and the part under her chin are covered by a piece of cloth.


[1] That the damage is seen as important in general –