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Wife’s Right to have a fourth child but Husband is unwilling.


I have 3 children alhamdilah 6, 4 and 20months. I have wanted a 4th child for the past few months, but my husband is certain he doesn’t. He doesn’t want to discuss it. We are very happily married and doing our best to raise our children to be the best of Muslims iA. We are both doctors, although our children go to private schooling so we will have to increase our work iA when they are all attending school, but my the grace of Allah swt I have faith we will manage. I know it will be hard but believe half our job is done by just having a happy marriage in a pious home. I am 35 years old and only getting older and starting to feel sad it may not happen, what is the Islamic ruling if we can not agree on this?


Salaamun alaykum

Thank you for your Question.

So islamically a woman has the right to have children and the husband cannot force her against it.

Has the husband the right to force his wife not to beget children?
– No, he does not have such a right.

But my humble advise would be to try and convince your husband with love and come to a mutual agreement before you take a step that god forbid could have a bad effect on your relationship.
May Allah help us lead our lives in such a way that we can attain the pleasure of our Lord and the imam of our time.


Kind Regards
Zahra Davdani.