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(URDU) Kya shaadi ky baad beti ki kamai me walidain ka haq hai?


Actually me and husband are earning together.. Alhamdollilha we are satisfied with our life… We have two kids.. My parents started demand large amount money from my salary although they have their home and basic necessities like car big house.. They are not sick also.. I am already giving them that much I can easily give with the permission of my husband ..i had discussions about money matter with them.. They became angry.. Stopped talking to me. Despite I tried contact them they don’t reply for calls… I want to know what should I do in this matter… Is this is disobedience of parents?? Need your answer at earliest please.


Thank you for your question. Your responsibility towards your parents is to make sure they have sustenance for the day and shelter. Beyond that there is no legal financial responsibility upon the children. As for them being unsatisfied with what you are providing them with, as long as you do not speak with them disrespectfully or act in a disrespectful way towards them, it is not upon you to provide them with more than your means.

May you always be successful.
Zohair Ali.