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Wife’s Family Dishonored Husband


In Nikkah both husband and wife swore to honour each other, and protect their izzah. I as muslim man have both defended her izzah and If she gets disrespect i stand for her izzah as a Farz and my duty. As she is my partner. Islam has taught me۔ Ask for forgivenes for Your actions humble۔pure heart And then be Friends Friends Family wife parents who ever only then you Get izzah,forgivenes and ny Allah And another muslim۔

Allhamdulilah i love my wife, in a past few Events. Her Family acted with spreading kufr.lies and separate us false accusation in house and in society۔ُ ۔. I feel Ashamed and dishonoured That my wife has no issue with them ۔. And doesn’t believe That they should apologize for their sinful actions which has harmed me physically mentally masjid and society I feel betrayed as she cannot stand for my honour father of her children. Not towards her Family sisters brother and law and others.

In a opposite situation i Would have stood by her for her respect honour And izzat.

Need advice from quran and hadith for her to understand her not supporting me makes me feel betrayed and insecurity on trusting her.

Help & duas JazakAllah


Salamun Alaykum

The Qur’an directs that “They are a garment for you and you are a garment
for them” and the purpose of the garment amongst other things is to
beautify, protect and hide defects.

You could use this verse to explain to her your hurt at her behaviour but
in the end also be sensitive to pressures she may be under in maintain
relationships with her family also.

With Duas

Abbas Jaffer