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Salaam alaikum brother, i am confused in a situation where my wife is having problems in my house. So the thing is in my house a woman cannot go out alone or with other woman unless and until she or them are accompanied by a man from the family. My wife is a having a problem because she thinks there is no problem if she wants to go out with her sister for shopping and other reasons. Could you please guide me for what is best. Thank you very much.


Waalaykum salam.
For a woman to leave the house and chase outside errands needs the permission of her husband only! (This is according to the Islamic law) Pls refer to the below link for exact law: So in this case you are the decision maker. Now whether you should let her go on her own or not, depends on the fact if she is violating any of your rights by doing so. (Mind you, not of your family, yours alone!) So if she is met with all your needs and demands and you find no potential harm to her or your relation in general, going out is not an issue. Therefore there is no harm for a woman to go out on her own or with another female company as long as the above conditions are met to.
I hope this was useful.