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Wife seeking divorce


Hello Sir,  i am looking for an answer that my wife is seeking for divorce to me.We had small argument & her brother want to separate us buy divorce.Nowadays she is also saying she does not love me although she was against divorce even 1 months ago,i love her, i acknowledge that i did mistake too as well as she did mistakes but it is not like that we cant live happily,her family is not trying to bonding us as they are also interested to make divorce, i really love her & not want to divorce her.
we were happily married for 2 years,we had arguments like other husband & wife but it is not like that it has to lead us to divorce.

Now my question is that is that right for her to divorce me?


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.

Divorce is the right of then man in islam and not woman.
Hence until you don’t agree the divorce won’t take place.
You need some quick consultation with a counselor or Local Aalim to help you with your situation.

InshaAllah it Gets solved.
Kind regards
Naajiya Jaffery