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Wife responsibility towards husband


Please explain… Does wife responsible and restricted in islam for all house hold chores jharoo, poocha, cooking, dish washing, laundry, ironing, feeding and taking care of all kids responsibilities like taking care, giving bath etc etc) wash room cleaning and all etc?????
Does islam restricted a wife to spend all her life in doing these things?
Her husband can afford a maid for jharoo pocha ad cleaning wash rooms but he wont give her support like maid for all day routine and ask her to do all that by yourself bcz islam and shariah has given u these responsibilities …. And not giving her any pocket money either not even a single penny…..


Wa Alaikum Assalam

This subject has two side: law and ethics; According to sharia law wife has no responsibility toward house chores and she could ask for assistant or money for doing it( it is not obligatory on her), but Islam when discuss this issue ethically considers great thawab for doing house chores and counts it as jihad.

So in the sharia law islam talks to husband and tells him to be great full if his wife did the house chores but on the other side Islam also encourages wives in doing so. (for more info: no.1)

In either case, if the wife is under difficulty, the husband has to provide for her and make sure she is at ease.

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