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Wife pocket money and child allowance demanded in court



I have a 2 years old daughter.

I am married for 3 years

I have a typical mother and wife not getting along issue,

We are in court.

My wife asked for seperate residence, i am willing to give her on the second floor in the same house.

She is also demanding for me to write in court that how much monthly i will give for her and child in order for her to come back.

She left my home couple times and live with her parents, and whenever she left my home i didn’t pay her any expenses.

In this matter do i have to give her written statement.


Wa Alaikum al-salam

Providing necessary things for the family is husbands responsibility, its Wajib on to spend for his family(i.e. wife and children) and provide for them. In return they have to respect him with obedience and submission.

so as husband you have to pay the expenses of the family as far as they give you submission, based on this if she left your house with your allowance and consent, you must pay for those times. It’s a mutual right as husband you get submission and as wife she gets to get paid for expenses


Sheikh Mussaiyabi