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My wife wants to live separately as there she has alot of issues with my mother


Hope you’re doing well.
I want to discuss my family issues I’m married and i have a son but my mother and bahu fight alot of times. My mother doesn’t accept her since beginning though she didn’t attended my nikkah ceremony. She has some psychological issues and her sisters are also has some these kind of issues. My mother delays my marriage because she was scared. My mother had a bad experience with her marriage because her susrali didn’t treat her well and my father also didn’t treated well , he beats her till today that’s so embarrassing.

My wife tries to manage in the beginning but now she’s giving her hard time as well.

Mere ghar ka mahool buhat kharab hogya hai. Woo kehti hai mom ko alag karooo , mein alag kaise ker sakta hon mein nahe kerna chahta.

Please help me out. JazakAllah



WA alaykum Salam
Thank you for your question

It’s very nice to know that you understand your mother and you are well aware that her present mental state is due to the hard life she went through.
On the other hand your wife has a right to have a peaceful life.
I would suggest that you speak to your wife and request her to support you for the sake of Allah.
And there is no doubt Allah will reward you in both the worlds.
And it will be your duty to take extra care of your wife and try and make it up for her whenever you get the opportunity by doing things that will make her happy.
If this doesn’t work, maybe you can get her a separate house next to your mother’s house. In this way you will be able to be near both of them.
Our prayers with you.

Sukaina Taqavi.