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wife doing job to support her family



My wife have a job in IT industry. i am the only son of my father and wife has no brother to help her parents as well,but she have other sisters.she want to continue her job to help her family and for her own expenses as well. now my family is asking that as she is working and she is not able to give her time to my family in a proper manner so she should invest  most of her income in my family,not to her family..please guide me how can i lead to a peaceful married life in a islamic i am only son, i am worried about my father and mother as well..because i have to do job outside my home state as well…my wife has decided to stay with me as well…bcz she will do job at same place as well…


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.

According to Islamic law, a man is the provider of his family. This is known as ‘Nafaqah’. And it is obligatory upon him to provide for this.

For a woman who works, her earnings are her own and they belong to her. She is the only one who has the right to decide as to where and how she wants to use or spend it. Hence no one has a say in that earning.

Also, it is unfair to substitute her work time with her own hard earned money to be paid to your family. This is not an Islamic view.

Also, to continue your life with your wife, you do not need to forsake your parents. You must maintain the same relation with them while being married to her. It will be appropriate if you used your title as son and husband and fulfil both rights, while demanding the opposite parties to respect your rights over them.

Hope this helps,