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wife does not care about sexual needs


Asalam alaikum
I am a 29 year old married man and i have pretty high sexual desires. On the other hand my wife rarely feels the need of it.
That is why the act only happens when she needs it. Whenever i am in need of it, she denies and says she is exhausted doing the house chores. That is correct to some extent, but she finds time to do what she likes. Like talking to friends and family and going out.
It has got to a point where i try avoiding seeing my wife in a position where it could lead to me getting turned on.
This is an extremely painful and depressing situation for me. And it always gets in my way of doing anything else. As i know satisfying my sexual needs from anywhere else is haram and i will be questioned by Allah one day.
I am starting to feel like i have a medical condition and it needs treatment.
How do i tackle all of this ?


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

It is obligatory on a woman to fulfill her husbands physical needs.
It is also very important that you send this message acrosss to your wife. She is the only person who is to know and the only one who will do something about it.

No woman is going to be in favour of her husband avoiding her. It looks like she is unaware of your situation.
Hence, I stress that you must speak to her and make her aware of your feelings and needs.

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InshaAllah its Resolved,
Kind regrads