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Why the shia scholars dont like working or listening to Sunni scholars….


I am a shia and I cannot understand why you shias don’t like working with Sunni Islamic speakers who could give good advice about Islam? What is this Idiocy in the Shia Islamic world. The really good shia scholars are farsi speakers ,and it may become a problem waiting for when one of their lectures will be translated. Also please dont talk to me about Sayed Ammar Nakshwani and Qazwini , all they cover are basic stuff .Theres nothing new or nothing that makes you think, just whats allowed in Islam and what not,etc. And dont list me any shia scholars, I’m not interested.Just answer my question towards Why the shia scholars dont like working or listening to people like Nouman Ali khan or Mufti menk. Why cant you work with them to produce great Islamic lectures. If you havent heard of Nouman Ali Khan, I suggest you listen to his speeches.


Waalaykum al-Salam
Thank you for contacting us.

It is good to know you are a shia and are concerned about its content and propagation.

Your language, however, would surprise a fellow shia because it isn’t very polite to call a whole sect, that follows the Ahl al-Bayt (as) as idiotic?!
I am sure, it’s not only the Shia who say so, but also Ahl al-Sunnah?!:

Imam Al-Shāfi’i said: “When one intends to speak, let him think before he does so. If there is an overriding benefit, let him speak; but if in doubt, let him desist from speaking until the benefit is clear.”

As for your question, looks like you are not very well-versed in Shia content and scholars who are also English-speaking. Some of them are also holding Ijtihad! And just for your humble attention, Shia scholars are not just Persian speaking!
I’m not going to list them as you wished me not to, but should you be interested, please write back to us.

For the second part of the question, why shia scholars don’t work with Sunni scholars? That’s not true. There is a lot of work happening out there, it’s a different story; you’re unaware! The fact that you can’t find something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! So, please do some fieldwork on this. Should you require assistance, please write to us!
Assuming Shia scholars have failed to work with the scholars you mentioned -as per your allegations-, one may wonder; what’s stopping them to approach our Shia scholars then? and are you sure they aren’t working together?! I am sure, they will disagree with your allegations too.

It is quite natural to feel inclined towards what one listens to and is highly influenced by, but it doesn’t mean that nothing else exists other than that. I suggest you definitely look into learning more about shia scholars and their content too. I wonder how you want to go about it though,  because you clearly wrote: And don’t list me any shia scholars, I’m not interested

This writing, by far, is not intended to discourage you to listen to Ahl al-sunnah scholars. Please continue as you wish, but at least don’t accuse others without holding enough information. 
Your question wasn’t really a question but an allegation and a baseless assumption. 
Khairan, May Allah guide us all,