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Why reminder to righteous or believer?


Why Qur’an (69:48, And Indeed, The Qur’an is a reminder for righteous) is giving the reminder to righteous, what does it mean, why a righteous need a reminder?
Similarly, (51:55 And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers), why reminder to believers? It can benefit non-believers,
What these two verses of Quraan saying, by reminding righteous/believers. Kindly explain.
Thanks & Regards

Salaamun Alaykum
Thank you for your question. Consider these verses:
“Therefore do remind, surely reminding does profit. He who fears will mind, And the most unfortunate one will avoid it,” (87:9-11).
The Qur’an was not accepted by all when it was being revealed and indeed the unbelievers would make fun of the Prophet (saw) and demand preposterous things in the face of revelation. The hearts of the believers, on the other hand, are ready to benefit from the message and so the Prophet (saw) reminds them through revelation. The believers are in need of the revelation as it is through that they are able to reach their perfection. Non-believers can benefit if there is a kind of fear or awe of God within them. If they are obstinant in their disbelief it is a proof against them.
May you always be successful