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why Prophet Muhammad saww have multiple wives


AoA. I’m a Shia living in USA. I’ve a friend who is Christian and she wants to know more about Islam (Shia’ism). One thing that doesn’t make her satisfy is questioning Muhammad (saww) wives, as why did he had multiple wives and she compares him to Jesus saying that Jesus had a simple life with pure soul because he never married any woman. And why are Muslims allowed to merry 4 wives? I will really appreciate if you could answer these questions so that she can understand better about them. Thanks


Alaykum Salaam,

Thank you for your question. Jesus was no doubt a pure soul who preached a life of purity to his followers and he is considered one of the greatest prophets in the religion of Islam as well. However, he focused on the spiritual aspect of religion due to his mission. It is clear that remaining aloof from the opposite sex entirely is not natural and would result in the cessation of the human race if everyone was to follow this practice. On the other hand, Moses’s mission focused on the outward aspects of religion, such as saving the Children of Israel from oppression and leading them to the promised land. Prophet Muhammad (saw) brought these two aspects together and taught how to live a spiritual life whilst maintaining a material and outward life. His (saw) path is a natural path that develops the inner nature of humans and leads them to their perfection in all walks of life. It is this aspect of balance that makes him (saw) the greatest prophet. His having numerous wives was not something outside of the custom of those times and it was not an indication of of low morals as marriage in itself is an institution that prevents that.
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