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Why is murder considered a major sin when taking and giving life is only in the hands of Allah?


Murder is considered as a Major Sin in Islam, because taking and giving life is only in the hands of Allah. (Please correct me if I am wrong.)

Anything that happens has to be according to the will of Allah. Likewise, whatever happens to a person is written by Allah in his fate (Again, please correct me if I am wrong.)

If that is so, that means the murder of the person was already written by Allah in his fate and had Allah’s acceptance. Then why it is considered major sin?


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.

Everything that happens to man is written in man’s destiny. But it does not conflict with man’s free will and the role of Duas.  Because what is written in the destiny is according to the conditions and causes, including free will and supplication. For example, it is destined that if someone prays on such and such day, his illness will be cured.

These things and thoughts are the wrong concept that one blames everything and every mistaken on fate and destiny. Allah(swt) has sent us with the free will that means we can make decisions i.e, to make right or wrong decisions. We cannot throw every evil thing on predestination.

Some of the things are predestined, such as when to come in this world which we do not have in our hands, but once we are born we are being given the free will to decide. Once we are here the choice of how we live this life is in our hands. The same way you have the free will to go anywhere you like, to use toilet, to drive, sleep etc. Allah(swt) has pre-eternal knowledge of our choices. But His knowledge does not interfere with our free will. ( we want you to ponder on this example: you’re standing on a roof top of a tall building. You’re standing on a corner point where to main roads are meeting down below. while standing there, you can see how a bicycle fellow is coming from your right to the junction, and from your left a car is coming to the same direction. You know that they will definitely collide. And they do… can you be held accountable for the collision because you knew it was going to happen?- this is a mere example in the material world. Now imagine how much knowledge Allah has with His boundary less Ilm)

There is a discussion called “Predestination and free-will”. I will recommend you to read about it in detail to get a proper idea about this topic, on:

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We believe that Allah(swt) has given the free will to all of us and it is we who can decide what we want to do.

The Holy Qur’an states this issue directly and proves the free will of human beings and there are hundreds of verses which talk about free will.

  • All of the verses which relate to commanding virtue and preventing vice are all proof of the free will of human beings because if a person was destined to do so, commanding them to do so would make no sense.
  • All of the verses which speak of blame and reproach against the evil doers and praise for the good doers are proof of free will because if one was destined to do whatever one did, blame or praise would make no sense.
  • All of the verses which speak about the questioning on the Day of Judgement and the Judgement in that Court and then the rewards and punishments and heaven and hell are proof of free will because if one was to assume that everything was predestined then questioning, judging, rewards and punishments would all be oppressive.

To learn more in depth regarding the fate and destiny please read:

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The Ash’arites took an intermediary position between the libertarian and fatalistic views, held by the Mu’tazilites and the Jabrites respectively. The orthodox people and the Jabrites maintained a pure fatalistic view. They held that human actions are predetermined and predestined by God. Man has no power to produce any action. “Everything,” they contended, “is from God.” God has absolute power over everything including human will and human actions.

Since, the Ash’arites believe that our actions are predestined by God, and we have no power. That means if Allah(swt)-Naudhubillah– takes the Prophets from Paradise to Hell, and takes the bad people from Hell to the Paradise is totally correct according to their opinion which is very wrong and we don’t believe in that (This belief is not accepted in Quran and Sunnah.) as Allah is Just and He has given human, the free will to decide and act according to it.

Therefore, murder is Haram according to Quran and Sunnah. Anyone who murders has indeed indulged in a greater sin. The same way fornication and Zina is Haram, a person who does it is known as an adulterer and has a great punishment. Now would you say that since Allah(swt) has predestined everything so this Zina is also justifiable and God wanted him to do this? As we know, God never supports the bad deeds.

Hence, we understand that Allah(swt) has given us the free will to act freely. Now it is our choice to perform good or bad. The good and bad have already been mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and Ahadith. If we do bad we are responsible for it and would be punished and vice verssa. Allah(swt) always wants good for us.

I hope your doubt and ambiguity will be cleared by reading this. In case, you have more questions regarding this please get back to us again.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


AAA under the guidance of Syed Haider