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Why is adultery Haram?


I had to ask you about adultery.. why is it haram. Even when a man and women are agreed to each other and with their own will.. I asked it because I could not point a society depletion by this act…
Hope you would help..
Jazak Allah..


Al-Salam Alaykum

First you must know all the benefits of Islamic laws is not about social depletion.  The moral harm to the individual by this act is so great. One has no control over the lust would make a sick personality which can not even think of spiritual journeys.

Secondly, in a society which you can not trust your partner, constant stresses would not leave family environment.

thirdly the hygiene problem of such act is not avoidable. You can see the meaningful difference between the statues of sexual diseases between societies with sexual moral and societies which has low moral standards.

After all Amir Almomenin says, عبد الشهوة أذل من عبد الرق

“the servant to the lust is bearing a humiliation worst than slaves”.

All of these are benefit of the law not the cause. Allah knows what is best for us and we must follow Allah’s order.

best regards
Sayyid Madani