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Why doesn’t Allah take the love away in my heart ?


Salam alaikom shiekh I needed your advice on a matter so in school at the age of 14 a I fell in love with a boy who also liked me but we didn’t tell each other but showed it through actions after I left school i didn’t see this boy for a long time then I found him on social media and told him how I feel and he ignored me and told my friend no he doesn’t like me . I have accepted the fact he doesn’t like me but I still can’t forget about him and the love for him in my heart is not fading and it’s been years I read adkhar , pray regularly beg Allah to help take the feelings away but Allah is not taking it away . When I tell my self he doesn’t like me something in my heart after fighting with it reassures me again that he does and I get this comfortable peaceful feeling in my heart and mind . I don’t wanna be feeling like this all my life as I am scared I will end up alone in life and want to ask you why doesn’t Allah take the love away in my heart ?


Wa Alaikum al-salam

thanks for your question

There are things that you can do to forget him and move on like:

  1. Acknowledge the truth about his feelings, for example every time that you mind moved to think about him tell yourself that this is not a mutual feeling and he doesn’t like you, he doesn’t need your love and attention.
  2. Think about the consequences of this one sided love; which non is good and healthy for you (for example in such relationship (if happens) you are just giving love and not receiving, or from his viewpoint, when there is no affection, this relationship is out of pity)
  3. Put some distant between yourself and him; use the proverb “out of sight, out of mind “; even stop following and checking his social media. more you stay away from him InshaAllah sooner you can move on  .
  4. put your attention on yourself and those who actually love you and care about you
  5. Fill your time with activities like ecxersice
  6. Increase your spreatuallity
  7. Recite the following:
    1. Recite 14:27 seven times and blow to youself
    2. Recite 14 Salawats to prophet sawa and Ahl al-Bayt a.s and recite surah al-inshirah and recite some Salawats this 2 times a day and Keep doing it daily, InshaAllah this burden will be lifted from your heart.



Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi