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Man in Loss – Suratul ‘Asr


salaam alaykum,

thank u for the kind service.

I would like to ask about the commentary and application of the second verse of sura Asr, which states surely man is in loss. I tried to search in enlightening commentary -English, but did not give me a satisfying answer. other commentary are silent.

could you pls explain the following in the light of this verse with some references and quotation from masumeen (as) , that would also help me in understanding and quoting .

1. what is this loss ?? loss of what ? health , wealth, or ?

2. how does this loss come about to men

3. is it referring to a worldly loss or hereafter

4. how can I apply it today


Alaykum Salaam.

According to Tafseer al-Mīzān and Tafseer Namūne the loss here
refers to ‘loss of human capital.’ Daily s/he finds that minutes, hours,
days, months and years in his/her life are passing away quickly. Depending
on how one utilizes his/her time, the loss could be material, spiritual or
both. The only way to overcome this loss is following on the four things
mentioned in verse 3 of this surah:

1.    Belief in Allah, His Message (i.e. the Quran), His Messenger(s)  and
the Ahlul Bayt of the Prophet (a)

2.    Perform good deeds mentioned in the Quran, and in the sirah (according to the character) of the
Masumeen (a)

3.    Enjoin each other towards the Truth contained in the Quran and
teachings of the Masumeen (a)

4.    Enjoin each other toward patience when following the Truth.

Allah knows the best.

Hasanayn Kassamali