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Why does Islam reject other religions.


My Hindu friend was looking into Islam and posed a question which I cannot answer. He may have accepted Islam before except he has now vehemently rejected it on this basis of this question. As a Hindu, he believes all paths lead to God. So if you’re a Christian, Muslim, Jain, Hindu, etc, you are still on the path to enlightenment as you are trying to feel the Creator’s presence irregardless of which path you take. He says that if you (Muslim) haven’t seen the Creator yourself and neither have I (Hindu), but you feel Him within your heart when you pray, and so do I when I pray in a different way, how can you say that you are right and I am wrong. He believes it’s ok to say that this path (Islam) is the right path and be content with that, but he thinks Islam belittles other faiths by calling them “the wrong path”, and he calls that a “bullying tactic”. When I told him that in order for a path to be “right”, others cannot all be right too, he asked why Islam treats non Muslims badly though and thinks of them as worse than slaves “…and certainly a believing slave is better than an idolater…” (2:221) and that all non Muslims are damned to hell, even if they were good people who may even have been more religious than most Muslims. He thinks that creating this “us and them” mentality adds to the divisions and ostricization of people in our world, especially when it doesn’t allow people to marry out of their faith. I don’t know what to tell him. Could you please help?


Alaikum salam,

Its good to see your interest in seeking knowledge to guide others.

It seems as if your friend is looking emotionally at this important matter rather than rationally. Just to give a food for thought, a person who uses drugs and feels good, relaxed and light, do you think his action can be justified?

We have to take a rational approach to solve these basic and most important questions of life. Although this requires a detailed discussion  , I will try to answer your question to the extent possible here.

Religion comprises of beliefs and practices. In Islam’s case, its belief system is built upon solid proofs (which are discussed in theology books) and based on those proofs, for instance we say that there is no god but Allah.Therefore, this particular belief logically negates contrary concepts which might exist in other religions, so doctrines like trinity are proven wrong. Even the ultimate outcome of your friend’s view is that he is right and Islamic way of thinking is wrong, so logically speaking all religions can’t be true.

We have to see on a rational basis which religion is right and that’s why even the people born in muslim families should think and adopt a rational approach to this issue to be intellectually satisfied, instead of doing TAQLEED in theological issues.

When a person accepts Islamic beliefs, he should also accept its way of life in practice too.

In practice, religions differ a lot from each other too and Islam offers a completely different life style compared to other religions. Do you think people having completely different life styles can be married and live under one roof? We all know that marriage is not just an emotional and physical relationship, In fact a woman is a man’s life partner, she affects his personality and that of his children, doesn’t this require that both of them follow the same religion?

For example According to Islam, drinking wine or eating pork is not allowed, while other religions may allow these actions, Islam if considers a few things to be NAJIS, other religions may not. Such scenario would be similar to one traveler intending to travel towards the north and the other wanting to go towards the south, can they travel on same boat?

A Muslim sees the world through a different lens therefore, Allah SWT doesn’t want him to deviate from the true path by staying in a close relationship with a non-believer, since our thoughts and actions are also affected by others, in line with this logic, in verse 221 of chapter 2, Allah (SWT) tells a Muslim, don’t marry idolater women(until they embrace faith) even if she appeals to you, instead go for some one whose life style matches your’s even if she is a slave.Later in the same verse, its been said that “they invite towards fire and Allah(SWT) invites towards paradise.”

Islam offers a lifestyle that is best for this world, it  recommends good behavior with people of other faiths. According to Islam, not all non-muslims will go to hell, since Allah SWT will not commit the injustice of giving punishment to the people who never received the message of Islam or who tried to seek the true path but were misguided or those who struggled to find the true religion but couldn’t opt for the true one without any shortcoming from their own side.. Obviously those who didn’t opt Islam (or the right life style) while knowing its reality will be punished.

Hope this helps,


Syed Asad Jamal Zaidi.