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Why does Allah grant riazat (mystic abilities) powers to non muslims or even muslims since it is not a sign of faith?


Assalam ,
In a Majlis of Ayatollah Murtaza Ali Zaidi he talked about riazat or mystic abilities . He said mystic abilities are not sign of imaan and can be achieved by even non Muslims .
I want to know why does Allah grant such powers to non Muslims or even Muslims since it is not a sign of faith and what does our Scholars say about achieving such gifts . Does the hadith’s from Ahlulbayt teach about such mystic powers . ?
Thanks in advance


Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your question

Yes, it is true that mystic abilities are always not a sign of Imaan and faith as there are many people who do meditation and gain those powers and even non-Muslims will gain those powers by fighting against their Nafs and meditating while not believing in Allah(swt).

There is cause and effect and for every cause there is an effect. For example: if the cause of death is fire, the effect of fire is burning. These effects have been fashioned by Allah(swt). Therefore, in the same way that causes have effects, those who meditate will also get to see the effect. But yes, there is a difference between Halal and Islamic meditation and the ones performed by non-Muslims. The similarity between them is that they fight against their self-desires. Non-Muslim meditator does it to get special powers whereas in Irfan and the true mystics worship Allah in a way to get His proximity and they are been given special powers as a gift. So, there is nothing wrong even if the Sufis, non-Muslims who meditate get some powers. Not to forget the powers gained through the divine way and possessed by staying on the righteous path within Irfan, has more value than the ones gained by just meditations.

The Characteristics of Positive Mysticism

Positive mysticism can also be called intelligible mysticism, for all efforts in positive head towards activating all of man’s potentials onto the path to the ultimate end of the universe. In positive mysticism man gains full domination over both internal and external worlds; while establishing an intelligible relationship with the universe and other humans, he can also achieve a life free of his natural self.

Positive mysticism has a starting-point, a path and a destination – the highest goal of life. The starting-point is awareness of the soul and its perfection-seeking tendency on the path to greatness. Such an awakening can make man take the world he lives in seriously and move on the path to an elevated life.

The path is the conscious effort and exploration that takes man from “what there is” to transformation into “what there should be.”

The characteristics of positive mysticism are:


Read in detail on:

You can also read about the characteristics of Negative Mysticism from the above link

Mysticism and Power

Mysticism makes man use his power on the path to intelligible life. It harnesses power. In mysticism, power never opposes righteousness, for power is truly, originally righteous, and cannot bear any other identity. The mystic controls and directs his power on the path toward perfection, and never abuses it. As he has dominant knowledge of the universe, his scope of man and the universe is much higher.

Meditation in Ahadith:

It has been mentioned about Islamic meditation(Riyazat) in Irfan. You can refer to the book “Spiritual Journey of the Mystics(Suluk al-Arifan) by Ayatullah Mirza Jawad Maliki Tabrizi, who was one of the Irfan teachers of Imam Khomeini, from the following link:

Spiritual journeying in the words of Shi’a Mystics”:

“Light within me” by Shaheed Mutahhari:

“An Introduction to Irfan” by Shaheed Mutahhari:

The reason, that having mystic power or abilities from meditation is not a sign of faith is because, one can get misguided easily. A believer can become a non believer by seeing a non Muslim performing an extraordinary act. Because telling a true mystic power from a false one can be difficult and tricky.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


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