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Headscarf & Wilayah of Ahlulbayt (AS)


Salam alaykom,

May this reach you in the best of health.

I have been struggling with wearing the headscarf lately. I know that most scholars agree that the headscarf is mandatory. What I would like to know is why Allah made it obligatory for women and not men. I am aware of the physical and biological differences between the two genders but there are a lot of speculations around when the hijab became mandatory. Allah is just and wouldn’t have different expectations from different individuals.

Why is it then that women were ordered to wear the headscarf as a result of one of the prophet Mohammad’s wives?

Also, why is it that many things such as wilayat of the Holy household of the prophet Mohammad is not explicitly mentioned in the Quran?

I do understand that us human beings cannot grasp the wisdom of Allah but my question does not come from a place of doubt rather to see things more clearly.

Thank you and JazakAllah


Salaam alaikum

1. Allah (swt) has mentioned in 33:59 that hijab is for identity and protection of females. They are ambassadors for Islam and are protected from evil looks and thoughts etc. Today science has shown that the hair of the woman and her body are attractive features unlike men, and they are physiologically different. That’s why companies use woman, not dressed appropriately, in adverts etc to attract people. As believers and Muslims, we adhere to the teachings of Allah (swt) in Islam and submit to them, knowing they are best for us, to attain happiness and success in both worlds. Allah (swt) is our Creator and will only make mandatory what is beneficial for us. This requires belief and conviction.
The issue of hijab for women is agreed by all Muslims, Sunni and Shia, and was practiced at the time of the prophet and Imams (as). There is no doubt about it at all.

2. There are many verses on wilayah in the Quran, For eg (5:55), or (5:3) or (5:67). In addition, we don’t take the Quran by itself alone, otherwise it does not teach us how to pray for eg. The sunnah of the Prophet must be placed alongside it. There is no doubt in hadith about the importance and the significance of wilayah and that it is needed for salvation.


Sh Mohammed