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Love For Prophet Mohammad (SAWW)


Salaam Alaikum

I have a question that was put to me by my brother. He asked why do we love the Prophet Mohammad (SAWW). He did great things and so we admire him but why love?

I hope that makes sense.

Awaiting your response and wassalaam

Syeda Wasia Hasan


Alaykum Salaam.

Thank you for your question. Love is the natural response for anyone who understands some part of the what the holy Prophet (saw) was and is. That is that it is understanding that leads to a natural type of love. At the same time, the more a person’s knowledge of the holy Prophet (saw) increases and the more they truly comprehend, they cannot help but naturally love the Prophet (saw). It is deeper than any physical relationship but at the same time more subtle and that is why some people may feel detached from what they hear about the Prophet and his achievements. It is not as much about his achievements, although it is because of him that we live a life of humanity and goodness. Rather, before he (saw) came to be born in this world everyone who knew of him loved him including all of the previous prophets (as) and in the same way the whole of existence pulsates with his love. He is Allah’s mercy to the worlds. He gave all for the salvation of man and he will intercede on the Day of Judgement and anybody who is to live the bliss of heaven will need his intercession because we are fallible and he was infallible. It is Allah’s love for him that is the source of everyone else’s love for him (saw) and a person’s love of Allah that will make them love the Prophet (saw). It is the love and sincerity of the Prophet for each and every one of us that brings us to love him and try to be sincere with him.

Love is the entire basis of religion and of every spiritual station.
Always ask Allah to increase you in His love, the love of His Prophet (saw) and the love of his (saw) Ahl al-Bayt (as). It is an abyss that has no end and the sustenance of the believers.

May Allah always increase you and your brother in His love, the love of the Holy Prophet (saw) and the love of the Ahl al-Bayt (as) and may He grant you both the knowledge to be amongst the most fervent of lovers.

‘Abd All…Esmail