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why do quakes happen on other planets


One of my friends asked me that if earthquakes are caused by bad deeds or for some test etc then why do quakes happen on mars, venus, and other planets.

What should be my answer?


بسم تعالی
الهم صل الله محمد و آله
Salamu Alaykum
Insha allah I hope this correspondence finds you well

With regards to the system of creation that exists around us and which we are a part of, it is based on the fundamental principle of causality. In philosophy it is proven that once the complete cause comes into existence the effect must occur. It is here where we make mistakes in that a) we assume we know the complete cause of natural phenomena and b) that all causes are physical, as it is possible for bad deeds to be a cause for earthquakes but does not mean that is the only cause. In addition, bad deeds of humankind have a direct impact of the system of creation…Mars being part of that system…

Similarly, with regards to the traditions that mention such, they must be fully examined and classified which is beyond the scope of this short answer.

Insha allah i hope this helps
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Was salams