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Why do muslims have huge families….


I live in a inner city and it is full of poverty , bad housing,  litter everywhere, low wages, traffic congestion…There is a big Muslim population residing here.

If you read any reports about Muslim communities. They are  in huge poverty.My question is  Why do they keep having huge families,bring more kids into horrible living conditions?


Hi Timmy

Thank you for writing to us.

The question basically seems meaningless because first of all, all Muslims do not have many children. Secondly, not all of them live in poverty. So, a question that is based on two false assumptions, basically has no proper conclusion for the questioner.

You haven’t mentioned the country you live in, but you will also find a country that has no more than a kid or two and they have very small Muslim families.

Also, if you visit some of the Arab and European countries, you will see many Muslims living a luxurious life with many children.

Some of the people who have more kids believe in God that when a child is born, he will bring sustenance with him too, to survive.

There could be other various reasons such as illiteracy, job etc. due to which a person is not able to earn to live a hand-to-mouth life and provide the provision. And this question arises not just for Muslims rather you can easily find this particular issue in non-Muslims at a large scale in Subcontinent and other countries where Hindus, Buddhists etc. will have big families living in poverty.

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Best of Luck
Haider  Naqavi