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why death pangs are inevitable for momin


Why death pangs (sakrat ul maut) inevitable for a momin? what to do to subside its fear?


Assalamu Alaykum 

Thank you for your Question. 

Death is a relaity that everyone has to go through. But unlike our fears and assumptions, its a mere transition. A transition from a mundane world to a better and infinite world. 
Death for believers is said to be a happy and glorious moment. A person, who spent all his life following the ‘do’s and dont’s’ set by Allah (az) will start seeing the fruit of this obedience right at the time of his death. The Doors towards infinite Mercy and blessing will open upon him. 
All the stages of transition become sweet and memorable for a believer. first you get to see the the Angel of death, and right then you get the opportunity to see the Holy prophet (s) and Imam Ali (s). he is also blessed to see all the other Ma’sumin (s) and angels. 
It may happen that a believer may have died a painful death, say a bad accident, but once he is at the point of transition, the angle of death deals with him with kindness and mercy. This is what the believer has earned himself because of his actions and choices in this world. Besides that, it also purifies the soul even more. 

However, this reality at times can highlight in our thinking and create a fear in us. This fear can then turn into anxiety and a person, unwantingly, falls in a vicious circle. of fear that follows the anxiety and the anxitey that resulf from more fear! 
to stop this, i have a few suggetions for you:

1) Speak to Allah. This is the best solution to the issue. Tell him how you’re feeling about it, your worries, concerns etc.. this telling does not mean He(az) doesnt know, rather, it is a relief for yourself. they say, ‘problem shared is problem halved’, but when you share it with someone who is the Only one who can actually do something about it is ‘Problem solved’ inshaAllah. 

2) Increase your obedience towards Allah. once you know you have to leave this world, and are going to be held accountable for your choices and actions, then make those necessary ammendments in this world to have a better end result. The next world and its transition is nothing but cause and effect. you reap what you sow!

3) Get some counseling to train your thinking. you need to retract your thinking so that you can concentrate on other things than just the anxiety you’re going through. This will help you focus on other very important things that you maybe neglecting and or  missing out on.

4) keep Busy. At times, such worrying thughts and fear only come creeping when you are alone, or free. keeping busy and engaged can help alot. infact, this may make the fear nearly go away, because you dont make much time to feed it. If you arent already having a skill or hobby, its time you made one and take full interest in it to see the meaningfulness of Life. one of the highly recomended things would be sports or exercise. 

5) Recite plenty of Dhikr especially ‘LA HAWLA WA LA QUWATA ILLA BILLAH AL-ALIYIL ADHIM’

i hope this helps, and you’re able to get over this anxiety 
in my prayers,