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why Allah doesnt stop idol worship


If Allah hates idol worship so much that He will never forgive those who die believing in another God than Him, then isn’t Allah promoting idol worship by continuing to give them children who will continue the practice of idol worship, if a Hindu came to you and said worship other Gods you would y as a Muslim as they believe as strong as you believe in your God. Psychology we stick to what we are born with and most don’t even question their faith most Muslims just follow Islam without ever reading the Quran with understanding! And only read it in Arabic, so same for Hindus they just follow just as Muslims follow and they find truth just as Muslims find truth they get their prayers answered just as Muslims do. So Allah is promoting idol worship when he could very easily STOP IT AND END IT. Hope you can help with this question. Thank you


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question.

For you to get your answer you need to understand the following concepts:

1) understand the purpose of creation and free will:   Purpose of Creation

2) it is worthwhile to understand that Allah has fashioned this world on laws like Cause and effect. therefore, if all the causes come together then the effect will have to exist as well. Allah does not intervene his own laws or go against them. Also it will be far from his mercy to stop creation, more so because the chance of guidance for every creation is equal.

3) How is Allah just?   God is Just

4) Just because one is Muslim by birth doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to go out there and look for reality. or for that matter remain a muslim without reading and trully understanding the Quran. the Quran is a our manual. we can not operate what we are meant for without referring to it. Also i’d like to add that the righteousness of a religion is not known by who gets his wishes fuliffled, rather, which one of these dieties is worthy of worship.

i hope this helps.
kind regards,

It is true that most people followed their parents PATH in their belief. they accept what their parents told them to. But also there are other who doesn’t stick to what their parents told them to and will seek and accept the truth on their own, their belief and Iman is much stronger than other Muslims which inherited Islam from their parents for example: salman the persian Which was born as a zoroastrian, Become Christian at the age af 19,he finally found islam And become Muslim. He gained such a high place among followers of prophet s.a.w that prophet s.a.w said about him “salman is one of us Ahl Al-Bayt”. or what Imam Ali a.s did, he didn’t kill some of his enemies in wars even though he could, when they asked him about the reason he said because their children or their descendants will be my followers and Shia. So letting them have children with a possibility of that children finds the light of islam is more valubale than not letting them have children; besides its the way that this world works, and if Allah interferes on it in this scale, freewill is going to be meaningless, because by doing so he is indirectly forcing everyone to worship him.


Muhammad Mussaiyab.