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Whom should I give the interest money that was put in my retirement fund?


I withdrew my retirement fund but it had interest of two years. I want to give it out but should I give to a muslim or non muslim and what category it will be? Should I tell the person that it is interest money?


Wa Alaikum al-salam
Thanks for your question
There are two sides:
1. your religious duty(khums); that is paying the 20% of the interest money (and 20% of the original fund in case you haven’t paid khums of it before) which is compulsory on you according to all maraji. in this case you can not give the 20% to anyone you want, you have to give the 20% to the office of your marja or to his representatives because it must spent under their supervision and with their permission, or ask permission from the office of your marja about to whom you shall give a part of your khums. it categorizes under khums in sharia law.
2. a mustahab act like giving charity etc. in this case it counts as charity and sadaqah (which is a mustahab act with great thawab), you can give it to non muslim (but obviously muslims are in priority).
Anyhow in both cases there is no obligation for you to tell the receiver that is the interest money(although you must explain for the representative of your marja).

Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi