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Who was Abdullah ibn saba in shia as well as sunni history?


Who was Abdullah ibn saba in shia as well as sunni history?


Wa Alaikum al-salam

Thank you for your question

There are different opinion in Shia and Sunni opinion regarding Abdullah ibn saba

Some of this opinions are based on wrong and weak narration and historical reports, so here we mention Shia authentic ideas about him:

There are two type of theories about in Shia scholars opinion:

  1. Some don’t accept his existence at all, because his name is only mention in few hadith (narrations) and even in those ahadith he were on disgust and aversion of Abdullah ibn Saba.
  2. According to the ahadith and narrations that accepts his existence (of Abdullah ibn saba), say he was one of those who ascribed degree of eminence for  Imam Ali (a.s) that is only reserved and meant for Allah (az). Imam Ali (a.s) ordered them to repent from such claim three times. After their rejection, Imam Ali (a.s) burnt them; these narration are mostly in Rijal al-Kashshi from Imam Baqir (a.s) “Abdullah Ibn Saba used to claim being a prophet and claimed that the commander of believers (i.e. Ali) is God- Naudhubillah. Allah is Higher than such claim. This news reached to The commander of believers (i.e. Ali), so he called him and questioned him. But he repeated his claims and said:

“You are Him (i.e. God), and it has been revealed to me that you are God and I am a prophet.” So the commander of believers (i.e. Ali) said: “How dare you! Satan has made a mockery of you. Repent for what you said. May your mother weep at your death! Quit [your claim].” But he refused, so Ali imprisoned him and asked him three times to repent, but he didn’t. Thus he burnt him (i.e. his corpse after killing him[24] ) with fire and said: “Satan had taken him into his whim, he used to come to him and to induce these (thoughts) in him”

Even in these narrations he was cursed by Shia Imams like: Imam Ali (a.s), Imam Sajjad (Ali ibn Hussain) (a.s), Imam al-Baqir a.s and Imam Sadiq a.s.

Sunnis have different opinion about Abdullah ibn saba. Based on weak narrations that comes from Sayf ibn Umar which according to their scholar is a weak, forger and untrustworthy figure.

For more information check:’Abd_Allah_b._Saba’


Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi