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Who is more powerful the JINN OR HUMANS?


Salaam alaykum,
Recently I came to an argument with someone saying that “Who is more powerful the JINN OR HUMANS??”
Could you please suggest me with an answers and also reasons…


Alaykum salaam
Thank you for your question. 
Jinn are physically more powerful than humans because of their bodily composition. They are created from fire and so are not as limited by space as we are enabling them to travel large distances.
Humans have the ability to be spiritually stronger or weaker than Jinn. In fact humans have the capacity to be spiritually stronger then all of Allah’s creatures. That is because Allah made the human in such a way that they has the ability to reflect His Names and due to the system of wilaya. Humans can be weaker than Jinn when they submit to them in order to attain worldly gains.
May you remain in the protection of Allah.

Zoheir Ali.