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Who could dare to kill Imame Zaman when the earth would be filled with justice?


We understand that when Sahib Zaman (ajtfs) reappears, the earth will be filled with justice, but then my question is posed here: Who could dare to kill Imame Zaman when the earth would be filled with justice? We also learn that Iblees and his followers won’t be present, so how can such a wicked thought enter into the mind of the murderer and cause such a great injustice on Allah’s hujjah?


Salamun Alaykum

I appreciate your question regarding Mahdaviat.

Regarding the Shahadat of Imam Mahdi(as) I will mention it very briefly to get the answer to the question.

There is no definite or reliable evidence for the martyrdom of Imam Mahdi (may Allah hasten his reappearance). Yes, those who believe in the martyrdom of the Imam have insisted on two reasons:

  1. Common traditions indicate that all Imams (as) will die an unnatural death
  2. There are certain narrations related to the martyrdom of Imam Mahdi (as), according to one narration, a woman named Sa’eedah from the Bani Tamim tribe will martyr Imam Mahdi(as) in such a way that a stone will be thrown from the roof while the Imam is passing by. She will throw the stone and Imam will be martyred.

Therefore, there is no definitive proof of the martyrdom of Imam Mahdi (as); because:

Firstly: The issue of Imam’s Shahadat is incompatible with the narrations indicating the reformation(Islah) of the general public at the time of Zuhoor.

Secondly: The general narrations of the martyrdom of Imams(as) can be excluded from the case of Imam Mahdi(as).

Thirdly: The narration of the martyrdom of Imam Mahdi(as) by a woman from Tamim has a problem in its Sanad.

Fourthly: There are narrations that Imam Mahdi (as) will die a natural death.

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May Allah(swt) grant us Tawfiq to be amongst the soldiers of Imam(as).


Syed Haider