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Which Prophets and battles is Allah referring to in verse 3:146?


In the verse 3:146 of the Quran, what Prophets and their battles is Allah referring to?


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Following the adventures of ‘Uhud, this verse refers to the bravery, faith and perseverance of the strivers and followers of the former prophets. It encourages the Muslims to bravery, self-sacrifice and constancy while it scorns those who escaped from the battle of ‘Uhud. It says:

“And how many a prophet there has been with whom were many Godly men fought; so they did not falter despite what afflicted them in the way of Allah, nor did they weaken, nor did they yield…”
It is evident that Allah also loves such servants who do not abandon perseverance-

“…and Allah loves the patient, (the steadfast),”

Zahra davdani.